Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pranab Mukherjee Is At Fault

CNN-IBN reported today about a minister who faked austerity . The reported alleged that politicians booked economy class but once in flight they demanded to be shifted to buisness class. Aur our dear pilot , yeh bichaara kaam ke boj ka mara , not wanting any trouble accepted the demand.

Now why when our pilot can do action scene in mid air with air hostess and support staff didnt try such action with politician is understandable. Kher cnn-ibn needs to learn some basics. The onus of blame is not at our bichaare netas but with our pranab mukherjee. He could have demanded cost cutting from bichaari junta , he could have levelled more taxes on aam aadmi but demanding something like travel economy class , giveup 5 star dinners from our beloved netas is sin.

Our netas work so hard for their entire lives , they make 1lakh promises and meet few hundred from them and in end what do they get?. Economy class!!!!!!!!!!.. This is not done. It takes lot of guts to give fake promises , it takes lot of creativity to make aam aadmi visualize things which will never occur in his life and in end netas are expected to give 5 star dinners!!!!!..

Sorry state of affairs where our crorepati netas are expected to give up standard of living which they have earned through hard work of making people dream a good life , so what those dreams hardly materializes


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