Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aam aadmi Sarkar Indeed

Yesterday in my society there was discussion about prices rises. Everyone was concerned , worried and criticizing government for that.

Some one said -'yaar aam insaan kahan jaayega?. pyaaz 22 rs kg , aloo ke bhav dekho , fal to bhul hi jaao aur chini.Boss yeh aam aadmi ki sarkar hai?'

Another person replied in gem - ' Yaar , aam aadmi ki hi to sarkar hai. dekh bhai niche ke level se logo ko upar lana bahut difficult hai. isliye sarkar ne socha , kyun na upar ke level se logo ko niche le aaya jaaye. jab sab ek level pe honge to sab aam aadmi ho jaayenge aur koi kaas nahi rahega. to hui na yeh sarkar aam aadmi ki'.

Well most of our dear politicians are crorepatis , so for them it hardly makes any difference that onion is 22 Rs or 220 Rs. Aab public agar politicians jitna nahi kama paati usmein bichaare politicians kya kar sakte hain. Isn't it?


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