Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Dont Kill Innocent-Al Qaeda

Yesterday Pakistan faced deadliest attack in two years in Peshawar which killed more than 100 people. Taliban is suspected to be behind this attack. Taliban is facing major offensive by Pakistan army and hakeemullah has pledged suicide attacks all across Pakistan as revenge.

Taliban is known to claim responsibility when so ever it does any terror attacks. But strangely taliban has denied this attack and so has al qaeda

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in an email sent to the media, condemned the deadly blast and denied its hand in the explosion that rocked Peshawar’s Meena Bazar area around noon on Wednesday.

Al-Qaeda, in its statement, said it does not kill innocent people.

Now al qaeda's claim of not killing innocent people sounds hilarous. People working in wtc were not innocent as per al qaeda!!!!!!!!!

In we look at history of al qaeda's attack this claim is laughable. Laskhar , jaish , al qaeda , taliban are all killing innocent people every other day. May be their defination of innocent is different than general defination. May be those who believe in their way of life , their version of ISLAM , their thinking pattern are innocent and people who believe otherwise are not innocent!!!!!


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