Sunday, November 1, 2009

Selling Eiffel Tower as scrap!!!!!!!!

Two-Three years back a movie called bunty aur bubbly was released in India. It had a scene in which bunty-bubbly projected themselves as government authority and broker to convince a uk based man to give money as rent for tajmahal!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that was movie but there have been real life people who try to sell such stuff and people do fall into their trap too!!!!!!!

Victor Lustig, a Bohemian-born hoaxer, posed as a government official to "sell" the Eiffel Tower as scrap metal to the highest of 12 bidders in 1925. The "winner", Monsieur Poisson, was so humiliated when he realised he had been conned that he told no one and Lustig escaped to Vienna with all the money.

During my schools day I also encountered one such trapped broker who dealt in property. He came to my home with few others and proposed my father to convince builders to buy a bridge made by brits in ahmedabad!!!!!!!!!!!!

A person projected to be grandson of man who had bought that bridge from brits during 1919 (first world war) , since brits needed money for war!!!!!!!!

Sounds funny.Isn't it?


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