Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogger Summoned By Legal Department

Blog but sambhalke. After India , its Malaysia. Malaysian blogger Bernard Khoo, who blogs as Zorro-Unmasked, has been asked to appear at the Commercial Crime Department in Kuala Lumpur at 3pm on Wednesday.

Khoo said he was called by a “DSP Mafuz” and would be there with blogger Haris Ibrahim of the People’s Parliament.

The latter said he would act as Khoo’s solicitor.

The reason for the request to appear at the department is unknown at the moment, although Haris ventured that it may have to do with something posted on Khoo’s blog.

It may be remembered that a blogger in kerala was asked to appear before court in mumbai since he had created community on bal tackeray which was bit anti bal tackeray and some one from the community wrote offensive comments in that community.

While blogger tried to defend saying comments were not his views , court took stand that all contents in the blog be it be actual content or comment would be considered to be blogger's responsibility.


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