Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yeh Obama Kaun Hai?

Barack Obama-Usa president , most powerful man on earth , nobel peace price winner of this year.Obama complete one year in office and it is news all across the globe!!!!!!

What is more interesting that some India news websites are asking viewers to write 'how do you rate obama on his one year in office?'. Now how can an Indian who has nothing to do with obama rate him?. Also how can we rate on his health care policies , his war against fox news , his economic bail outs and such things.

While going for lunch I met a friend and we stopped to greet each other. We sat at kitli for chai , when i told my friend about all this. Chai wala was listening and then he asked while giving tea.Yeh obama kaun hai?. South ka neta hai kya?.

Well aam aadmi doesnot know who is pratibha patil then how would they rate about obama?.How does that matter to them?


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