Saturday, November 7, 2009

From Jai Shri Ram To He Ram

BJP- The self claimed party with a difference. The believe of hindutva philosophy who rode the wave of Lord Ram and came to power. The party who projected itself as alternative of grand old congress. The party who accused at times wrongly and at times rightly for corrupted system.

The party which claimed to stand for hindutva , whose leaders chanted jai shri ram , forget values which are synonyms of Lord Ram.

Lord Ram is ideal ,a role model. He left his throne and easy life to wander in jungle. But MLAs of BJP , karnataka have left their consistuency to stay in resort. Reason?. Reddy brothers!!!!!!

Reddy brothers have taken most of MLAs on expensive vacation in resort. Aab consistuency ka kya hai, election ke time ho aayenge wahan to , seems mantra of these MLAs.

But can these MLAs alone be blamed?. Khurshi ke liye kutch bhi karega seems to be mantra of our dear politicians and BJP is not different from any . Vasundhara raje tried everything to continue her post and inspite of loosing miserably in election 2009 , none of top brass resigned barring few like kulkarni.

Khurshi ke liye kutch bhi karega. Shri ram ne har sukh taayege lekin... From jai shri ram to hey ram , yeh kya ho raha hai.


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