Sunday, November 8, 2009

Afghan Under Indian Influence Is Better

Pervez Musharraf accused Afghanistan intelligence , afghan government and even afghan president to be under Indian Influence.

"Afghan intelligence, Afghan president, Afghan government…don't talk of them. I know what they do. They are, by design, they mislead the world. They talk against Pakistan, because they are under the influence of Indian intelligence, all of them," Musharraf told CNN in an interview on Sunday.

Naturally afghanistan and India both would deny this allegation and ideally any country should take decision according to national interest and not being under influence of any one including India.

But what if allegations are true. Even if they are true , world knows how afghanistan was when it was under influence of ISI. Taliban , the inhuman and barbaric force who still live in cave mentality created hell in afghanistan where sports was banned, women had to stay at home . These are such few of their acts.

If afghanistan is under influence of India and its intelliegence , its highly likely that democracy will prevail in afghan and slowly afghan will have stable environment.

Its understandable that pakistan wont agree to this but look what ISI has done to pakistan itself. Its time for pakistan to get away from getting influenced by ISI and keep it at its place.

Mr pervez , the dictator cannot preach democracy. can he?


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