Friday, November 13, 2009

Man with nine wives

Human Beings are strangest species in the world. Blessed with intelligence , we justify , reason everything and anything. Yet there is something call faith which defies every logic.

There have been people since time immemorial who have been using this ability to trust defying logic in humans for their benefits.

They are god man. All in name of god , type of people and they exist in every country , culture , era.

On left in picture of one such man who lives in usa . He is under trial for making a girl pregnant. Now this girl was fifteen and spiritual wife of his brother , who gave her to this man and she got pregnant!!!!!!

In similar type of incident an NRI couple had given their own daughter to one such godman from India .

Reason godman convinced the couple that their 18 year old daughter was pichle janam ki wife of this godman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well godmans cheating in name of god would continue till eternity.


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