Friday, November 13, 2009

My company is hot in progress!

Zamana hai advertisement ka. In world of globalization , only making product is not enough. One has to sell them. People find different ways to advertise and one of the ways is sms.

Today i got sms which states the following : " My company is hot in progress . Get best of electronics and fashion at cheap rates . Discount offered if you order now".

I understood electronics , I understood fashion and discount , but i couldnot understand what he meant by hot in progess!!!!!!!!!

Recently saw another ad of leading chocolate brand. Concept was that when person eats that , he/she enters some sort of estasy and becomes unaware of surrounding. Hmmm..So unaware that other may take advantage of you!!!!!!!!!!

Who would then want to eat that is one of questions which comes to my mind.

There are some very good ads and some highly pathetic ad but ads are everywhere.


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