Monday, November 23, 2009

National Commission for Men!!!!!!!!!

Well we all know what is social status of woman in India. Barring cities in many villages , woman are treated in shabby manner. Crime against woman are high , every 30 minutes a woman is raped/molested as per official report in India. Dowry is common phenomena and so are dowry deaths!!!!!!!!!!!

But at same time it is also true that dowry laws are mis used in some cases. Mis used to harass husbands.

A group of Indian husbands tired of being harassed by their wives are demanding the local government create a male protection society to address their grievances.

The men, who said they had enough of their "nagging" wives, dressed up in clothes traditionally worn by grooms and paraded through the northern city of Lucknow this week to ask for a National Commission for Men.

"We are asking for equal rights. We want somebody to listen to the grievances of men," said Subhash Dube, a medical doctor who described himself as a victimized husband.

The president of the All India Welfare Committee for Husbands, Indu Pandey, said statistics showed abuse of a section of the penal code meant to protect women against their husbands.

"Demands to amend this law have been put forward a lot of times. Therefore, we oppose this law," Pandey said.


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