Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Robber Sleeps And Lands In Jail

There was an advertisement which was aired 5 years back. It had boman Irani in it who enters a house with intention of robbing it and finds a motherly figure who gives her smile syrup since boman had khasi!!!!!!

That was ad but in real life similar incident occured in china though with a twist. A burglar entered a house to steal . Recently out from jail he had no money to buy food , so he decided to do what he did best and that is robbing!!!!!!!!. This time he was outsmarted by a woman whose house he entered to rob.

The woman convinced him to take a nap , since he looked overtired and also assured him that she would give him some money. While he went asleep , the woman tied him up and called police.

The robber was sent back to jail for six years by court!!. Well there are only two possibilities now , once robber comes out of jail. He would stop his criminal activity or he would stop trusting people!!!!!!!!!!


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