Monday, December 14, 2009

Dangerous Trend : Auctioning Virginity Online

A Hong Kong teenager who tried to auction her virginity online to raise cash in time for Christmas was the centre of a police investigation on Tuesday.

The girl received an offer of Hong Kong $60,000 ($7,740) after she posted the advertisement on a social networking site that targets secondary school children, saying she urgently needed cash this month.

However, police have warned that both the girl, who may be underage, and the person who offered the cash could face prosecution, and say they are investigating the case.

They have also posted a warning on the site urging, "Don't sell your body for money. Compensated dating will bring an end to your future."

In the advertisement posted on December 9, the girl did not give her age but said she was a teenager and her virginity would go to the highest bidder, with a starting price of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars.

A report in the Hong Kong Standard said around 100 people had responded, some asking to see photographs of the girl. The highest bid came from a person who called himself Hysteric.

Above news was reported by cnn-ibn citing report from hong kong daily. Now this is fourth such case reported this year and so many cases might have gone unreported.

Selling oneself for money is not new and does exist since thousands of years all across the globe. But using internet as medium and auctioning online is something new and un desirable. World has been global village and internet is fastest growing medium . Teens and kids getting in touch of strangers and getting into such deal might cause lot of health , mental , social issues.


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