Monday, December 14, 2009

Rakhi Sawant V/s Sushma Swaraj

CNN-IBN's face the nation yesterday had tiget woods : the tragedy of fallen icon as its topic.

Sagarika gosh wondered that Many people felt that Tiger Woods was a divine sportsman and an icon of athleticism and thus did not deserve to be judged on the basis of his affairs.

To this Seth said, "That is societal hypocrisy. Bill Clinton was a very fine president, he was a great democratic president and a great friend of India's but you only remember him for his cigar-chomping days with his so-called intern at the Oval Office. You don't remember him for anything else and that is the nature of the beast."

He added that he did not think the Indian media would never touch the private lives of public people because there is not enough money in the peripheral around it.

"Please remember that in America, every woman who says she slept with Tiger Woods stands to make a million dollars or more just for opening her mouth. In that kind of a construct, a lot of money drives everything and people feed on gossip. In India, we are more concerned about Liberhan than we are concerned about Rakhi Sawant. We get excited about Advani and Sushma Swaraj rather than Rakhi Sawant and her ilk. These are the realities about India and therefore we are safe," he stated.

Now seth seems to be talking about 4 crore people of India out of more than 100 crores. If we look at most of hindi news channels we may find that their 70% times goes on covering ranbhir kappor , dhoni , rakhi sawant , katrina -salman and such things. Larger issues take only 30% of coverage. Either its cricket or sports or pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!. These news channels cater most of India and so to conclude that we are more excited about sushma swaraj than rakhi sawant is not right. Rakhi sawant , sadly is more viewed news in India.

Aami aadmi who is yeh bichara mehgai ke bhoj ka maara resolves to rakhi sawant and her colleagues for entertainment , sushma and her colleagues seems to be same old political stories about bol vachan .

No matter how much growth we show , 10% industrial growth or anything . Aam aadmi pays 100 Rs for daal , he has high rent and other debts to think about , so when so ever he/she is free , rakhi sawant and salman khan are better for viewing than sushma swaraj and rahul gandhi.


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