Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hidden Message Of Tiger Woods Ads

Life can be funny at times . Tiger Woods , biggest brand in sports arena has turned out to be no entry zone for most of companies these days. Companies who boosted that tiger is their brand ambassador are not thinking of withdrawing his association from their brands!!!!!!

Lets look at some of punch lines and their meanings before tiger scandal and after tiger scandal.

Now one of ads featuring tiger woods had punch line -'You know what it takes to be tiger'. Now before scandal tiger woods was symbol of concentration , dedication , precision . But after scandal what message does this punch line gives?. You know what it take to be tiger?. Yes I know , one wife and n number of mistress!!!!!!!!!

Similarly another ad had punch line -'In time of uncertainties , little knowledge helps' .Now viewers are free to use there creativity to derive hidden meaning of this punch line.

Another punch line is a gem. 'Be a tiger' . Well how do one find so many women to be a tiger?

Its understandable that companies are lining up to get out of tiger relationship!!!!!!!!!


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