Thursday, December 31, 2009

Infidelity Good For Marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There came a movie few years back called "no entry" which had hilarious script about how a man reluctantly enters no entry zone of infidelity and that creates situation which are hilarious. In that movie ,character who is strong promoter of infidelity has a dialogue which states that 'infidelity is good for marriage. Since husband takes his girlfriend (mistress) out , showers her with gift , once he is back home , he feels guilty and try to treat his wife as a queen , which infact does boost married life'.

France's most prominent female psychologist Maryse Vaillant claims French men should stop being castigated for being womanisers and that keeping a mistress can actually improve a marriage.

In Men, Love, Fidelity, a new book on the effects of infidelity on married life, Miss Vaillant writes that her aim is to "rehabilitate infidelity".

There are lot of debate of whether infidelity is natural or not. While some do suggest that man are naturally infidel considering that it takes woman 9 months to give birth to offspring and man's auto desire to continue species would make him transfer his gene in as many as possible females!!!!!!

Now there is counter argument to this too. Evolution saw us start as hunters and violent species who used to raid other groups of same species , kill them and take their resource along with females of that group. Now we have seen this type of events happening in near past before 1900s too. Still world is divided in we v/s they syndrome and can be seen manifested as terrorism in recent times!!!!!!!

Now coming back to point . So we have this natural tendency , so we should encourage this too??..Species adopt as per change. Thats how it works. So this entire idea of rehabilitate infidelity , is something which needs to be discouraged .


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