Friday, January 1, 2010

3 Idiots Or 6 Idiots?

3 idiots got released and created new history in bollywood. It grossed 100 crores in 4 days. When all seemed to be well , chetan bhagat , the celebrated author of 5 point someone , went on records to say that he felt hurt of not being given enough credit.

This statement of chetan started allegation-counter allegation sequence which reached paramount yesterday , when vidhu vindo chopra asked media to shutup!!!!!!

Now whats the issue out here?. Is it about money . Well vidhu claims that they signed contract with chetan and he not only paid money but also bonus before release on the movie. Chetan's name too appears in movie's thank you list.Then what is fuss about?

Well chetan believes his name appears below even junior artist's names and so it is intentional attempt to hide his name. He should have been given due credit for his work.

Movie's name is 3 idiots but the kind of digs we are seeing in media , it can be said to be 6 idiots (with due respect to all concerned).

Vidhu came on camera today morning and said sorry for his shutup episode. While chetan has asked aamir to read the book , aamir believes chetan is being publicity hungry , raju is desperately trying to prove that script is 5% of five point some one.

Well in the end media is on a roll since it has lot of masala in this jhakada for 6 idiots...oops 3 idiots.


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