Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Milking Tiger Woods

Well well. Its tiger , tiger everywhere. While wild tiger induces fear in minds of human beings. Golfer tiger seems to have induced greed among media and curiosity among aam junta.

It tiger in magazine covers , its tiger in late night shows , its tiger in breakfast and its tiger in dinner news. Mistress count has risen from 1 to 13 . Interviews of woman who claim to have had affair with tiger is followed by more interviews!!!!!!!!

Thats not all . We have people going for google adwords with title 'watch hot scandals of tiger woods'. Its like an icon is falling and everyone is rushing in to get most benefits from it.

Well this would continue for another month till people get bored of it. Once people get bored , media would also shift its attention.

Till then its milking tiger woods.


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