Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Famous Wife Cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger woods , the biggest brand is world of advertisement entered a no-no zone and not just for once!!!!!!!!!!.. If media is to be believed he has more than 6 mistresses and numbers are increasing day by day..

But tiger woods is not only one in the list ...

1) Bill Clinton :

Well how can anyone forget his saga. It made headlines all across the globe. His monica affair which went public saw few other claiming of having affair with him too..

Throughout his career, Clinton has been subject to various allegations of sexual misconduct, though only his extramarital sexual relationships with Lewinsky and Flowers have been admitted by him.

2) Prince Charles :

He has turbulent married life with wife diana. Their marriage ended in 1996 , after diana publicly accused charles of having affair with camila whom charles married in 2005.

3) Udit Narayan :

On 20 April 2006 Ranjana Jha, a resident of the Supaul district in Bihar, created a controversy by claiming to be Udit Narayan's first wife. While Narayan initially rejected her claims, after she presented photographs and documents to prove her claim he finally agreed .

4) Shiney Ahuja :

He has promising career in films. With good number of hits under his belt , his career was going on right track till he did something as disgusting as it could be.

He is alleged to have raped his own maid. While he accepts having sex with her , he denys raping her. Ironically his wife still stands by his side as pillar, inspite of his admission of cheating her and having sex with other lady.

He is prohibited for entering mumbai and is in delhi on bail.

5) Dharmendra

A handsome man meets a beautiful girl. Both fell in love and get married. Happy Ending , it seems but this kahani had a twist.

The handsome man was married. He had a wife at home. But still he married the other woman , hema malini. Being hindu , it was against law so he converted his religion on papers and got married!!!!!!!

His first wife has never come on camera . He stays with his first wife and sons , while hema stays with her daughters.

Well other than above raj kapoor , big b , sunny deol , akshay kumar etc have been time and again accused of having affair at least once in their life.


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