Friday, January 8, 2010

$200,000 For Domestic Violence

Doctor with violent streak!!!!!!!!! . Sounds strange?. Isn't it?. But doctors are in the end humans and some humans fail to evolve as complete humans. Their soul still remains in old hunting days era.

In one such case court has ordered $200,000 to be paid by ex husband to his separated wife.

The tragic tale of domestic violence goes like this. Sarah Jane Morris ,also a doctor met Nishantha Karunaratne. Before her engagement to doctor nishantha karunartne , she had heard rumors that nishantha was violent towards his first wife. When she confornted nishantha with this rumors , he plainly denied it. It is said love is blind and this blindness led sarah to believe nishantha and both of them married in 2002.

That started sarah's nightmare. She was subjected to a number of batteries over the period of her marriage resulting in a depressive illness since her separation as judge concluded.

Judge ordered her compensation for the same.


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