Friday, January 8, 2010

No Racism In Australia , Ban India Media

Another Indian Student beaten up and set on fire. He sustained 15% burn but but but.Aussie police is still to believe that this attack is not racist attack.Like many other attacks previous year and 2 killings also are believed not to be racist attack.

Not we know what is pattern of this attacks.

Step No1 : Any Indian student is assaulted or attacked

Step No 2: Australian police rules out that this is racist attack

Step No 3 : Politicians of australia condemn this "NON RACIST" attacks and says 'yeh to hota raheta hai mammu'.

Step No 4: Our government condemns and makes some statements of taking up the matter or issuing advisories or having faith in reassurances of australian government etc etc etc...

Step No 5: Again Indian student is attacked

This is cycle which seems to be followed religiously by all concerned parties since a year.

Now australian government , police are in denial. Yes all australians are not racist but considering the attacks , it cannot be denied that elements in australia dont want Indians in australia. But but but as far as australian authorities goes these attacks are normal crime and not racist. Indian media , Indian government are causing hysteria. Okie. So we should ban Indian media who publishes such reports , shows videos. After all its normal crime. Isn't it?...


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