Monday, January 11, 2010

Adding Spice To Your Life : Spice Jet AC Fails

Spice jet is in news again. Spice Jet had made news for pilot's flying hours ka locha . Spice latter clarified that plane had mechanical failure and it didnt wanted to risk passengers life .

But now again spice jet is in news for wrong reasons. Its ac failed and passenger felt suffocated. So much so that one woman fainted and spice had to make emergency landing in mumbai. Plane was going to goa from ahmedabad.

While passenger made slogan of traditional hi , hi and felt near hick jacked experience , it is to be seen what spice jet comes up with as explanation.

We feel they should give explanation that they are trying to add spice and make lives of people more adventurous. Like pilot refusing to fly or failing of a.c. makes predicable journey , highly unpredictable!!!!!!!!!!!!


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