Monday, January 11, 2010

Bikini & Cement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what does bikini and cement have in common?. Socho socho...bolo bolo...Well answer is nothing but still a leading cement company ad shows a girl walking from sea in bikini . Guess they banked on age old formula of having girls to attract about anything.

Ever wondered why strictly male products like saving cream or boxer feature girls??..Well its all to do with hormones!!!!!!

In book called what to say when you talk to yourself , the author gives wonderful example of how ads are used to program subconsious mind. How hot girls make you purchase. Well it doesnot work might be you answer. May be it doesnot work for you but psychology believes that it does work for most of men and so advisors of this cement ad have bikini clad girl!!!!!!!

But the ad is wierd. It shows a bikini girl coming out of water and then a slogan of cement comes. Now its senseless ad. They might have shown something related to house and swimming pool in that house or something related to cement!!!!!!!!!. Now bikini and cement , where does it make sense?...


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