Monday, January 18, 2010

Alternate Careers For Ajmal Kasab

Ajmal kasab is under going trial. The one of ten terrorist who shocked India/World and killed more than 150 innocent people would be hanged till death for his crime unless something like afzal guru happens. Though it is unlikely that kasab's fate would go guru's way.

So agle janam (if there is agla janam) kasab should pursue one of following careers from skills he has displayed in courtroom.

1) Actor :

His ability to act is inbuilt quality and though his aakas like saeed himself is good actor kasab by enacting ficitious scenes has proven his talent. He must pray to be born in bollywood or hollywood. He would surely be a good actor.

2) Writer :

He should become writer or story teller. His imagination is awesome. He first claimed to have come from pakistan on official visa, 20 days before 26/11 , he claimed police framed him and now he claims that 3 out of 9 dead terrorist are Indians.

Seeing all these we feel he has got flair of writting fiction or hindi movie script . He can even become story teller.

3) Neta/Lawyer :

He has natural ability to lie and deny obvious truth. He also can lie with innocent face!!!!!!. Well he can become good neta anywhere in the world. But preferably India and Pakistan are place he should be for becoming neta or vakil!!!!!!!!


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