Monday, January 18, 2010

Magical Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well well magic has special placed in human domain. Many do believe in miracles. Supernatural, genies , ghost and plain magic has been part of human psychic. Water from particular well , river or vibhuti from xyz baba or something.

Now a man in Malaysia has claimed to have a magical bowl. Now what does this magical bowl does?. Well it cures cure erectile dysfunction , makes sea water sweet ,food can be preserved for days!!!!!!!..

No no this is not our claim , this is claim of owner of the bowl, Mohd Nor Daud.

“Those suffering from illnesses like impotence can be cured if the water in the bowl is consumed,” he said.

Mohd Nor said cooked food such as chicken curry could be kept in the bowl for days without refrigeration — and the food would not go bad.

“I have tested it myself. Surprisingly, the food can be preserved for days. It’s like being stored in a refrigerator,” he said.

This bowl daud claims was given to his ancestors by chinese traders in 16th century.


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