Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bin Laden Trapped USA?

Well well bin laden's son gave interview to rolling stone magazine. According to Omar Bin Laden , bin laden has already achieved what he wanted to and usa was trapped by bin laden to enter Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!

On bush he says bin laden was over joyed to know that bush was elected as president of usa in 2000. He knew that bush would attack and in turn blew up usa's money. Omar believe afghan cannot be won,which laden knew and so usa was trapped. In desi language it means ho gai googly!!!!!!!

The way afghan war is going omar seems to be right. Isn't it?. But now does usa or world have any other option. Loosing in afghan would boost confidence of jihadis and in turn they would threaten , already in trouble pakistan , afghanistan and in longer run India , china , Iran and Russia.


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