Thursday, January 21, 2010

Entertainment Tax On Politicians?

Maharashtra Government announced that there would be entertainment tax on IPL Matches. Now since ipl is self proclaimed mix of cricket and entertainment , Lalit modi should have no objection on that.

We were reading various reactions on this news when we came across interesting comment from leading journalist which said if entertainment tax on ipl then why not on chidambaram v/s rest , amar v/s mulayam , sharad pawar v/s maya , raj v/s udhav and so on?.

Well it is very good idea. IPL is only for six weeks but our great Indian Political League plays 24 hours a day , 365 days in a year. Its in prime form during elections and our parliament is awesome display of action flicks with often aggressive gestures.

Politics being recession free buisness , its perfect tool for taxing . Most teams are owned by families for e.g. congress by gandhi family , samajwadi by mulayam family , RJD by lalu & family , BJP comes under grand family of RSS and other regional parties (teams) are also family owned units.

It would be interesting telecast like yeh delhi chor se gandhi family ke maharathi rahul ne u.p pe yeh dig maara lekin mayawati ne usko cut kar diya hai aur third man chor se salman khursheed ne morcha sambhalte hue ek meeting ayojit kar di hai.

Yeh sharad pawar ne vidharbh end se bouncer dala hai prise rise ka aur mayawati ne usse hook karte hue ,public ke paas bhej diya hai.

Well enough entertainment and so must be taxable. Vaise bhi IPL ho ya politics paisa to janta ke jeb se hi jata hai na , directly ke indirectly to aam aadmi ko kya farak padta hai!!!!!!!!


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