Monday, January 4, 2010

Declared Dead When Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been lot of cases where person has been wrongly announced dead when they are alive!!!!!!!!!. Media is quest of being fastest , forgets to be most authentic at times. The following are four of such cases :

1) Britney spears , recently named entertainer of decade was reported to have died in car crash by two djs in 2001. Rumor of her death originated from Internet but radio station, KEGL took this story to people from world of internet. Radio Station was sued and djs were fired...

2)Jayaprakash Narayan , the ledendary jp as he was called was hospitalized due to illness.His premature death was announced by none other than India's prime minister of that time . Director of intelligence bureau saw body which was jp's look aliked and convey it to pm.JP died six months later in october 1979

3)Pope Benedict XV , was annouced dead by new york newspaper with prompt headline pop is de ad. Later pope who was recovering from pneumonia recovered which was again published by same news paper. Pope could not survive much though and eventually died in same month.

4) Miley Cyrus: A False article spread around the web claiming that Miley Cyrus had died in a terrible car accident.


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