Monday, January 4, 2010

Peaceful Pakistan Warns India

It all began with general kapoor's statement of Indian Army ready to take on china and pakistan simultaneously.

Now general kapoor never said it will initiate war , what he said was India was working on strategy , if god forbidden both fronts open simultaneously.

May be Mr Kapoor read interview of ex security advisor brijesh mishra who had feared that what if both fronts become active simultaneously.

But this statement of Mr Kapoor saw five reactions from pakistan. First from foreign office which was expected. Since they have every right to react and its their job to react.

Then came khayani , the chief of pakistan armed forces. He didnot name India but cautioned India for misadventure. Then came gilani who also without naming India cautioned India.

Then came Pakistan Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC) Chairman General Tariq Majid. He went one step ahead and doubted capability of Indian Forces at first place.

He said and we quote : "Leave alone China, General Deepak Kapoor knows very well what the Indian Army cannot and the Pakistan Army can pull off militarily,"

Finally came Mr Zardari who said pakistan being peaceful country doesnot want to enter arms race but none should doubt pakistan's capability in self defense.

Now who did doubt that at first place. General Kapoor was just addressing Indian Fears and reassuring the country. But peaceful pakistan has warned India.

Ofcourse war in no solution and that must be clear to atleast India and Pakistan who have had 4 wars but still disputes does exist.


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