Friday, January 1, 2010

Double Meaning Is Comedy?

Well Indian Television is flooded by comedy shows. Laughter ke fatke , comedy cirus and various other shows. While many comedy shows are simply awesome , at times they do cross limit of what can be said as acceptable.

No , no I dont belong to some right wing group that I am going to give speech on bharatiya sanskruti or culture. Culture is not static thing which got stick to some 5000 years ago. Culture is dynamic thing which evolves with passage of time.

Now coming back to point. There is show called teen ka tadka . It has group of most talented people from world of theather and television. Some scripts are so nicely made and acted that it would make laugh its soul out but at same time some are cheap , full with double meaning. Show has kid of 8-9 year old , saloni. Wonderful actress and naturally talented. But alas , at times when i see her making double meaning dialogue , i wonder how her innocence has been lost.

Let's face it , many of us do laugh listening to double meaning dialogue. But we dont like those dialogues when we are with family. Isn't it?. Double meaning is perhaps easiest and oldest way of comedy but real challenge is to have clean sequence and making people laugh.

Double meaning is not comedy but cheap comedy.


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