Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dudh Dudh Dudh No More?

Sharad pawar loves to comments , it seems. Be it be on sugar or on pulses and not on dudh. He proclaims , milk price would increase!!!!!!.

Why?. Well due to global warming the cows and buffalo have started giving less milk!!!!!!!!. Or maybe cows listened to bhashaan of mayawati and citing opposition ki chaal decided to decline milk supply or may be they got inspired from government employees and went on strike with demand to get better food from their owners. Whatever the reasons are pawar is not to be blamed. He is mere khabri who gives khabar about stocks every now and then.

Good news is that now aam aadmi doesnot have to worry about becoming khaas. He/she would remain aam even if salary is doubled. Expenses dugne jo ho gaaye hain.

So ad which stated dudh dudh dudh must modify itself and say dudh dudh dudh no more!!!!!!!


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