Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lust Takes Life

Many often complain blockage of 18 & above websites in office. Logic of management is that it distracts people and they are more into watching such stuffs than doing their work. Now this theory has practical support though here job was driving and even speaking on phone while driving can cause such accidents.

State police say a truck driver was watching pornographic movies on his laptop computer when his rig struck a disabled car on the New York State Thruway near Buffalo last month, killing the driver.

Thomas Wallace of Ohio was arrested Tuesday. He’s been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the death of 33-year-old Julie Stratton, a mother of two from a Buffalo suburb.

Its understandable what all chemicals might be generating while watching such stuffs , that made driver so absorbed that he accidentally killed another person. Lust of driver took life of an innocent person.


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