Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wah Wah PM Ke Fatke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Manmohan Singh has unique way of dealing with opposition for price rise. Instead of coming up with some concrete steps of curbing price rise , Dr Manmohan Singh has decided to stop opposition from raising their voices by showing facts about status of prices while NDA was in power.

In other way of saying , its like boss tumne kya kar liya that , tumshe to hum better hain. But does it help common man?. Is government's duty only to see how they fair better than performance of previous regime?

But thats how our democracy works. We have to choose between two similar governance and both blame each other for everything that goes wrong when in opposition. Recently in an interview congress's spokes person asked opposition spokes person to tell her better way of dealing with price rise than current measures and opposition spokes person remained silent. Even congress spokes person would have remained silent if they were in opposition.

What we need is joint efforts rather than tumne kya kiya tha types of attitude. Dr manmohan singhji , we dont need your fatke to opposition but your real fatke to price rise. We dont need to listen about what others did , we are concerned only with what goes out of our pocket and what you can do to see to it that we pay less.

Opposition waalo , price rise ke liye suggestions do , sirf oppose karne se kutch nahi hota hai.


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