Saturday, January 16, 2010

Married Bride Shocks Groom

Imagine that you are a man in love. A man who along with his baarat is on his way to get married. You waited for this day and are excited to marry a girl who you are dating since 3 years. But when you reach venue , you come to know that bride is already married!!!!!!!!. Shocking, isn't it?. It is more shocking when you are not ordinary man but a police officer who has been fooled by girl for three years till that day of marriage!!!!!!!!!!!...

Now this is not from ekta kapoor's serial but this is a real and true story which occured in malaysia.

Harian Metro reported that the wedding entourage of Insp Nurr Fahmy Abu Samah, 28, arrived at the bride’s house only to find L/Kpl Wan Azura Wan Ahmad, 28, home alone in a sarong and T-shirt.

“I was really shocked to see no signs of merry-making or any activity at her home when I was already in my groom’s attire, accompanied by my entourage of five cars carrying the wedding dowry and gifts,” said Insp Nurr Fahmy.

Insp Nurr Fahmy, from the Seberang Perai Tengah police headquarters in Bukit Mertajam, said the wedding was to have been solemnised in a ceremony at the Kampung Gial Mosque in Perlis on Jan 1, to be followed by a reception at L/Kpl Wan Azura’s home the following day.

“The solemnisation ceremony was supposed to take place at 10am at the mosque. We arrived there at 9.45am but found no one there.

“After waiting for 30 minutes, I received a call from Nur Azura telling me to go to her house instead. When we reached there, we were greeted only by Azura and there was no one else there,” he said.

Insp Nurr Fahmi’s family lodged a report at the Bukit Mertajam police station and a complaint with the Royal Malaysian Police.

The officer claimed that he never knew that L/Kpl Wan Azura was married despite their three-year courtship, adding that his family wanted to be compensated for the more than RM25,000 spent on the wedding preparations.


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