Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nothing Unusal , Violence Happens Everywhere-Aussies D.P.M.

India gave strong signal by issuing travel advisory for Australia. Reacting to this australia critized Indian Leaders of creating hysteria. Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard insisted that her country is safe for all international students and said "acts of violence" occur in big cities around the world.

"In big cities around the world we do see acts of violence from time to time; that happens in Melbourne , it happens in Mumbai , it happens in New York, it happens in London ," she was quoted as saying by ABC news.

"Any individual act of violence is obviously to be deeply regretted and our sympathies go to anyone who is harmed by an act of violence".

Well she is right that violence does occur everywhere in the world but when Indians are assaulted , robbed frequently and now even murdered , how can it be said as everywhere occuring event.

Indian Student Association's President in australia states that last year 1600 such incidents occured which makes 5 incident a day. What media has reported is major ones only.

If one off incident occurs it can be said as can occur everyhwhere but when such incidents repetatively occur which targets particular group how can that be ignored?


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