Friday, February 5, 2010

Kaash Har Indian Rahul Gandhi Hota!!!!!!!!!

Rahul gandhi the general secretary of congress and uncrowned prince of grand old party visited mumbai.

Media reports with headlines like rahul dares shiv sena , rahul in tiger's den , rahul gandhi boards local.

Rahul gandhi despite threats to him from shiv sena visited mumbai and he boarded local train too.While his this step is appreciable ,snubbing uncalled for threats and attempt to defy constitution by shiv sena.

Mumbai belongs to all Indians and while preferences in education and state jobs is other thing but posing threat is other thing.

But one thing makes one wonder is the eagerness shown by Maharashtra government to ensure rahul gandhi's trip remains smooth. The massive police system made sure that nothing happens which may embarrass the government of Maharashtra.

This also make one wonder why can't government act to protect normal citizens too with same zeal and eagerness. Why government didn't act when north Indians were beaten. Yes they detained few , arrested few and after some days they arrested Raj too. But that was after rampage not before it.

Government knew that what was coming but normal citizens are not rahul gandhi. Agreed , protecting single person is easy then protecting lakhs but act fast , act tough and acting heavily of people who can use violent means can always be done. Isn't it?

Rahul gandhi might be future prime minister but aam aadmi is one who makes prime ministers theoretically , at least. Kaash har Indian , Rahul Gandhi hota ..


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