Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Pakistan Is Smartest Country In The World?

We are nearing to illogical end to war in Afghanistan as far as world is concerned and logical end to war in Afghanistan as far as Pakistan is concerned.

Obama wants to start withdrawing its troops from 2011. The process will begin and full withdrawal would take time.Pakistan has told the US it wants a central role in resolving the Afghan war and has offered to mediate with Taliban factions who use its territory and have long served as its allies reports new york times.

Now if we look at sequence of events that unfolded by 9/11 , we must acknowledge that Pakistan is smartest country in the world. Now being Indian , how dare I say that?

Well lets consider the sequence of events from 9/11 :

1)Bush Fumes and call pervez. He allegedly threatens pervez to support him or face the music.

2) Pervez decides to support USA.

3) Pervez in name of war of terror takes lot of money from USA which later is reported that money was used to prepare against India and not fighting war on terror

4) Pakistan adopted strategy of little fighting with Taliban and more shielding them.

5) Government in Pakistan and USA changes. One group of Taliban is Pakistan declares war against Pakistan itself. Pakistan Taliban takes control of swat and NWFP is virtually in their control.

6) After deals and breaking of deals by pak Taliban , finally Pakistan army shows Taliban that whose is their creator. It takes control back from swat and is fighting in South Waziristan.

7)USA pressurizes Pakistan to act in north Waziristan but Pakistan refuses to do so till their concerns (chiefly India's role in Afghanistan) is curtailed.

8) Khayani offers to mediate between Taliban and USA & Allies.

So in 8 years of war in Afghanistan , world is left with same situation which prevailed before 2001. Taliban might come back , pakistan would have proxy government in afghanisthan and Taliban (god forbidden , it comes back) would have conviction that they did beat supeJustify Fullrpowers like USSR and USA.

Pakistan made lot of money out of this war , bought new equipments and their army is battle ready. Yes their army did sacrifices too , lost their soldiers but in the end they as nation gained the most.

Now lets look at how Pakistan dealt with 26/11

1) Biggest terror attack occured on Indian Soil

2) India accused jaamat ud dawa , front face of laskhar. United nations banned jammat. Pakistan came under most intense pressure after kargil

3) Pakistan acknowledges for first time that terrorist were from pakistan and its soil was partly used. Pakistan arrests few people including laskhar's ladkvi.

4) Pakistan puts hafiz saeed under house arrest , but court grants him freedom. Pakistan cites independent court judgement and so they cannot do anything about it.

5) Indian prime minister meets pakistan prime minister in Sharm l-Sheikh . Pakistan's diplomat convinced their counter parts to include balochistan in joint statement and de link terror attacks!!!!!!!

6) Pakistan files charges against ladkvi and calms the world anger. India wants saeed to be booked but pakistan cites lack of evidence.

7) India seeing scenario getting change in afghanisthan war situation offers talks with pakistan . Ironically on same day Pakistan's united jihad council helds conference.

8) Pakistan foreign minister claims diplomatic victory by stating that India was forced to talk.

So pakistan has dealt with major challenges it faced by bigger powers and worked to make situation as per their advantage. This does make pakistan , the smartest country in the world. Outsmarting India , outsmarting USA and nato and outsmarting taliban itself!!!!!!!!!!


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