Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why Shahrukh Khan Should Say Sorry-10 Reasons

SRK V/s Shiv Sena Saga Is not ending at time soon. Shiv sena continues its threat and many multiplex owners are worried and in dilema to screen MNIK or Not to screen MNIK.

Shiv Sena says that is just wants shahrukh khan to say sorry.

So lets list down what all problems (which has nothing to do with shahrukh khan but persistent demand of apology from srk seems that all these problems are linked with srk) will get solve once shahrukh khan says sorry to shiv sena.

Here are List of Problem which are likely to get solved when shahrukh khan says sorry to shiv sena.

1) Terrorism : No sooner does srk says sorry , Pakistan would withdraw its support to terror outfits and peace will prevail in subcontinent

2) Dissolvement of United Jihad Council :

The united jihad council of all whose who of world of terror like azhar mehsud, hafiz saeed , saladuddin and their mento gul will dissolve untied jihad council , once shahrukh khan says sorry to shiv sena

3) Farmer Suicides Would Stop :

Farmer suicides in maharashtra would get stopped by shahrukh khan's saying sorry.

4) Mumbai Water Crisis Would End :

The water crisis in mumbai will miracously end as soon as king khan says sorry

5) Prices Of Food would fall drastically :

Aam aadmi's number one issue is price rise these days. SRK's sorry would bring these prices down substainially.

6) Corruption Would End :

Corruption the root of all problems that India faces right now would end due to srk's apology.

7) Naxals Would Give Up Violence :

Naxalites would give up violence with king khan's sorry statement.

8) Crime Against Women Would Decline :

Crime against women which has seen rising graph in last few years would decline substainally with srk saying sorry.

9) Job Less Rate Would Reduce :

Jobless rate would reduce and all Indians would have good stable income with srk's sorry.

10) Indian Economy Would Grow At 10% :

Indian economy would see growth of 10% as soon as srk says sorry.

Above mentioned isses are core issues and not shahrukh khan making some statement. Our political parties must take care of above issues which actually matter at end of the day. SRK has right to express his view and so does political parties. But it should have ended there and then.


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