Thursday, February 11, 2010

Witty Quotes

I received some wonderful witty comment which has inspired me to list few of witty quotes out here.

1) Drive Carefully , it is not just cars which may be recalled by makers.

2) Never Say Your Wife Lack Intelligence, If she had one ,she wont have married you

3) There are two kind of people in the world who succeed .one who is talented and knows how to use it while second kind knows how to use others talent.

4) Politics is second oldest profession in the world and it is strikingly similar with the first one.

5) Pakistan was formed because Muslim league didn't want, only single party to fool aam junta!!!!!!!!!

6) I asked god when would there be peace in the world , He replied 'you are asking to wrong entity , ask humans'.

7) It is not who is right which makes history but its who is left to write the history.

8) God made you special like all other human beings.

9) Human is best creation of god?. who said?. Human did...Now does god lack creativity or human lack intelligence to claim so?.

10) Taxes are fine payed for exercising our right to choose our rulers.

11) T.V. Debate - A place where bunch of people practice their screaming ability and in the end confuse the viewers so that aam people cannot take stand!!!

12) Man who says "there is no short cut in life " has tried and failed to find one!!!!!!!!!

13) Money is not everything after you have it.

14) Success requires hardwork and so I didn't try it.

15) Every man thinks he is smart but his marriage proves otherwise.


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