Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beating Prise Rise By Stopping Work!!!!!!!!

In old bollywood movies we used to have scene where workers union would go on strike with famous dialogue called -'humhaari maange puri karo' . The factory owner would come on car and would be treated by angry mob.

Now idea of strikes was that owner would make heavy loss and then succumb to worker's demand. Now it would be match about how much loss owner can make and how many days workers could survive with money?.

Bandh is not new and still practised . Today was one of those days which is called -'Bharat bandh' . Issue was prise rise which is causing troubles to aam aadmi and his/her ability to keep floating. Now to feed themselves and their children one need money and ironcially even in rising India , majority of Indians need to go out daily to earn or else they would have tough time to feed their families. So going for work is mandatory and not optional except for people with bank balance or employees with stable income base.

Where there are so many people who can't survive two days without going to work , opposition parties have come up with wonderful idea to make government curb prise rise and it is not going to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So stop going to work and this would make sure that majority dont have money to buy things . Once that happens government would have to step in and provide things for free. Bulls eye ...prise rise is beaten..

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