Friday, January 23, 2009

3 shortlisted for Satyam CEO and CFO-Report

After two days of marathon session finally satyam's new board shortlisted 3 people for CEO and CFO. If you are wondering why two days of marathon session was required ,it very simple. After all they have to find some one who can atleast replace great Ramalinga Raju and his associate Srinivas Vadlamani.

Its no easy job ,believe me. It not just having MBA degree and work experience that counts. How sharp you are in manipulation is most seeked skill for being satyams CEO. Ability to inflate balance sheet , manipulate man count , ability to keep auditors happy and most important thing needed is ability to form ,nurture relationship with top political brass.

Yes one may be required to do regular job of CEO and CFO too , but those are secondary aspect.


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