Friday, January 23, 2009

Chidambaram say No Recession In India

P C Chidambaram said in strong voice " Who says there is recession in India?. There is no recession".

When our dear PC was asked on what basis are you saying this . He said its simple ,i get paid on time , i get my incentives , whosoever i know all my bureaucrats , all other ministers are getting paid on time (sometimes before times) , foreign tours and all goes on , no cost cutting asked for ,so how can there be recession?.

PC also stated we ,infact increased the pay of government employees considering their dedication ,their on time performances and their zeal of commitment to the citizens.

So India is rocking and there is no recession going on. Yes there is slow down according to PC but USA is to be blamed for that. If other countries dont work ,it isnt our fault right?.

Right PC ,alls well till you are well.


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