Friday, January 23, 2009

Vibrant Gujarat Is A Myth - Congress

Congress is grand old party of India. Since late 1930s Congress believes in one simple concept. Anything which it has done is wonderful and any thing which others do is lie,ridicule ,short term vision and not in benefit of nation.

Congress believes that it is only party who can do any good for country. Keeping this pious belief intact congress has declared Vibrant Gujarat a myth. So if you had gone to vibrant gujarat's summit you wasted your time since it was nothing by mere entertainment event as per congress.

Tatas , ambanis and even japan government were there just to chill out. May be since they might have not taken holiday in all these years ,they thought of spending entire day in having fun .

Mr gohil of congress went one step ahead .When confronted with RBI Report stating that 26% investment of India comes in gujarat he said RBI'S Figure is wrong.

Sure it is . RBI is owned by Modi and it will give wrong figures. Isnt it Mr gohil??


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