Friday, January 23, 2009

Advani Get Life Time Achievement Award

Mr L K Advani , the prime minister in waiting got life time achievement award from NDTV. He seemed surprised by this gesture because he thought what has he achieved?. Since 60 years his only dream ,his only purpose ,his only carving has been to become PM.

"Jisse tu (pm post) na mila usse kutch na mila " is mantra of advani. Well but who would refuse award ,so advaniji didnt disappoint NDTV and did receive the award.

He also gave small speech. Jo speech na de woh politician kaisa?. All our political leaders from any party they may be are good at one thing , giving speeches.

Advaniji has also gone techie by launching his website . Its on major campaign promotion website through adwords and all.

So what did Modi think only he can use internet??..Guru guru hota hai. Soniaji are you listening?

Use internet ,afterall you are good at enligsh atleast!!!!...


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