Friday, January 23, 2009

Congress wants another bypass

Our dear and respected Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is undergoing a coronary artery bypass surgery at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

As we all pray for his fast recovery , a false report has stated that congress workers see this as an opportunity for another bypass. We all know that congress has got some really good ,strong leaders like Pranab Mukherjee , P C Chidambaram apart from Dr Manmohan Singh who have all credenials to occupy top most post. Pranab mujherjee is PM in charge till Dr Mahmohan singhji is back to buisness ,which would take 6 weeks to happen.

So god forbidden if our PM has medical issues we do have two strong contenders for his post. But our grand old party is in love with first family.

Its 'Tere chere se nazar nahi hat ti ,nazare hum kya dekhen' types for congress workers. They want another bypass this time. Bypass of path for rahul baba directly from MP to PM ,no proving capabilities this time. After all what he needs to prove?. Isnt it proven that he is born is Nehru-Gandhi Family , so he is the choosen one.

Most of us believe in destiny. So by being born in gandhi family, Rahul Gandhi has already proven his capability or else god wont have made him born there. Right?

Well this is not my logic , this is logic of most of members of our grand old party. So for congress all bypasses are welcomed.


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