Monday, January 26, 2009

A R Rahman ,Oscar And Media

Yesterday I was thinking how media would react when A R Rahman would win oscars. He has three nomination and as simple probability he has 66% chance in original score category.

So this is how media is expected to react. ' A R Rahman wins oscar ,wish him'

This is general in all news sites. No body knows whether wishes ever reaches to the person ,they have been sent to. Never the less its good to wish every one who makes us proud.

But then exclusive interview would begin. All news channel will show interview which is considered to be exclusive. I think what they mean by exclusive is exclusively for News/Entertainment Channels. Common you dont expect AR'S interview in sports channel. Patah nahi bhai abhi kutch bhi ho sakta hai.

Then some channel would come up with hum aapko batayenge stuff.

It would go something like this. Hum aapko batayenge AR ka raaz. Hum aapko bataayenge ke kaise AR ne jeeta oscar. Thik raat 9 baaje humhaari channel kholegi woh raaz.

Then when you switch on at 9 o clock , it would show something like this.

Aaj hum aapko milenge us sakhast se jiska AR ki kamyabi ke peeche haath hai. Woh hai ramu kaka. ramu kaka ki chai pi pi ke AR ne yeh composition diye.

Another channel would come up with some dhagha stuff. AR ne jab se yeh dhagha bandha ,tab se unki kismat badal gaayi.

Some astro channel would come up with numeric miracle. A+R+SLUMDOG+BOYLE= OSCAR.

Well never the less , we wish all the very best to you AR. You have always entertained us with you music , you have already made us proud and Oscar would be just another feather is you well decorated cap.

God bless you A.R.Rahman.


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