Friday, January 23, 2009

Many Upset With Slum Dog Millionare

Seems like many people are upset with slum dog millionaire. After false report in media about big b being upset with the movie , there are other false reports coming up.

According to one such report Raj is also very upset with the movie. Raj thinks movie's story being based on mumbai , it should have not have dev patel as hero. He wanted the entire movie to be re shot with star cast of maharathi manoos. He is also upset with boyle for giving substainial role to bhaiya se dev patel's friend. Apparently he is also upset with the name slum dog millionare. He said the movie should also have title written in maharathi!!!!!..

But when he read false report titled 'Big B slams Slum dog' he refused to agree with Bhaiya and so pulled out of critizing slum dog.

Also according to one more report (false report) , animal rights activist are angry on the title. They say dog has nothing to do with the movie and its not right to connect entire breed to slums. Their logic being dog share bedroom with lof of bollywood stars and live a very comfortable life. So slum dog doesnt make sense to them . Also since dog is not part of the movie ,using that breeds name for publicity is not right.

Meanwhile pakistani media seems excited with movie showing poverty and struggles of poor in India. This is what we wanted to see to make us feel better is what they are saying.

So slum dog is flavour of the month ,both in India as well as our dear Pakistan


hemant February 6, 2009 at 12:53 PM  


Peculiar BRITISH ATTITUDE TOWARDS INDIANS, wonder when they are going to come out of this illusion and understand that INDIA is much much more than slums. I feel they are satisfying themselves by picturising wrongly about India by just showing 10% of India as the major.
I bet if you show the shit in your body for two hours, make a movie out of it, u will start getting a feeling that the whole of the body is made of shit, thats what the movie is like, the director has (called a slum dweller a slumdog) only covered the slums , child abuse, prostitution in 75% of the movie, even the Tajmahal when shown, is picturised from such an angle which covers the dirt more, than the view of Tajmahal. The studio where the competition is going on is also shown as a two room studio with a cooridor heading straight to the road. I feel it is intended to spoil the image of our country. I pity the director for his sadism, But the most surprising is OSCAR, i am now getting a feeling that Indian shit is so liked by oscarians that i think if i film a Indian
person shiting for 2 hrs i stand a good chance of wining an oscar, so that means Indian shit is
pretty valuable.

This surely is not a real picture of India, and was nothing true, i havent seen any couple doing a
french kiss on a station platform in mumbai. Its more of a documentary film.
I also wish the Prime Minister of India sees the film.
If you are a real Indian your blood will boil. I suggest don't watch the movie in a theater and help their revenue, and
FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO MAXIMUM YOU CAN, i think that's what we can do right now.
Hemant, Hyderabad, INDIA

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