Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Pakistan Has Better Democracy Than India?

In a social networking site i came across comparision of two CEO of country namely Dr Manmohan Singh of India And Asif Ali Zardari Of Pakistan. The idea of comparison was how India has more educated person on the post. But if you look at resume ,you may conclude that pakistan has better democracy than India.

Isnt people sitting on post representing general masses. Zardari education is doubtful.

EDUCATION /Qualification:
High School from Cadet College Petaro
Details of higher formal education not known; Claims graduation from London but not available to be verified. As per some account. His official biography says he attended a commercial college called Pedinton School . But a search of tertiary educational institutions in London showed no such school.

Now he represents masses . Isnt it.

Coming to his work experience he used jugaad system. A well known system of subcontinent. He directly promoted himself by marrying Benazir!!!..Like sonia gandhi did by marrying Rajeev. Isnt finding short cuts true representation of people in pakistan and india??

He is also know as Mr 10% . He made corruption a way of life. Again a true representation of people of pakistan (as well as subcontinent including India).

Zardari is said to have suffered with depression. Again true representation of masses. Zardari also tried to flirt with Sarah Louise Palin . Again representation of falling for videshi mem.

Zardari is also suspected in murder of of his brother in law and possibly his wife , again a represntation of masses. who he represents. Isnt mulayam accused of trying to murder mayawati???

So if one compares Dr Manmohan Singh with Zardari we must acknowledge that pakistan has far more democratic and true representation of people in assembly and top most post than India.

I dont know why pakistan is presumed to be less democratic and of having weak civil government. We need to learn from pakistan and make raj thackeray , mulayam ,mayawati or lalu as our prime minister.

After all corruption , use of force , attempt of murder for power is all part and parcel of subcontinent.

USA is worried of taliban taking over pakistan and afghanisthan again but in democracy representation of people is most important!!!!!!!!!.Isn't It?


Fighter Jet January 23, 2009 at 4:00 AM  

So powerful comparision.I must say WoW.A great writeup!!

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