Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rapist Not At Fault, Your Beauty Is Cause

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has fuelled a furore yet again by saying that women in the country were so beautiful that they needed military escorts to avoid being raped.

Above news was published in indiatimes. As we say people see the world as they themselves are. So our dear Italian PM is seeing italian citizens like he himself is. His logic is same as logic of great taliban and our own shri ram sena. Rape is serious crime , Its like murder. In murder the body is dead ,in rape self respect is murdered. Its one of worst crime possible.

But its not fault of men if they rape ,according to PM Silvio. It is because women are beautiful and men are genetically motivated species!!!!...Yeh bichara hormones ke effect kar mara.

So PM has given women military escorts . Now that hormone factor is not applicable to military!!!!.

Recently Our great moral valued NGO Shri Ram Sena did beat girls for obscene behaviour. What was obsene was they had gone to pub wearing some party wear. Women cannot purposefully attract men for rape , if men rape women in salwar ,its ok but women should not wear party wear. This is funda of Ram Sena. Taliban is one step ahead of even Ram Sena. They have ordered swat people to get their girls married to militants. Now according to taliban this is not rape ,its marriage. So what if threat is used ,marriage is marriage. Its pious..right Mr Taliban?

Few months back our delhi cm had advised girls to come home early and not being adventurous.

So if you are girl living in delhi or manglore or pakistan or italy. Remember the golden rule. You are primiary cause of rape , you are at fault because you are beautiful , you are at fault because you wear clothes which attracts rape.

Bichaare bhole bhale men ka kya dosh hai. Woh to bus apne chemical se haare hue log hain. Right Mr Silvio Berlusconi , taliban , ram sena?


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