Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rahul Baba, Sanju Baba And Sonam Baby

Rahul baba , future Prime Minister of India said 3-4 days before that 'Nation has forgotten 26/11 heros'.

Now considering how important Rahul baba is for all of us , entire India media flashed this 'Breaking News' . Now Rahul Baba cant be wrong ,can he be?. Neither his vision and prophecy can be doubted , so to prove him right our government ignored a martyr ashok shinde ,in the list of awardees.

When asked centre said when Rahul baba said such things , we had to prove that he is right . I congratulate government on their efforts.

Coming to another baba ,our dear old sanju baba wants his career to shape up like Barack Obama. Infact as you might be aware that they have many things in common.

Barack Obama has acknowledged that he did consume drugs long ago and so did our sanju baba.
Where barack obama use to teach law ,our sanju baba has practical experience of law and has been regulars in the court rooms.

The major plus point which he has over barack obama is that even though barack has majored in political science with a specialization in international relations , our sanju baba is infact asset for foreign relation.

Infact he is right person to make indo-pak relations better. We dont need to talk to zardaris , gilanis and even worry about khayanis. Sanju has direct relation with dawood , chota shakeel who can use their leverages over saeeds , JEMs etc. So we can directly talk to all trouble makers and live in peace. Sanju Baba can make it happen for us.

Enough of babas now time for babies. Our cute little sonam baby has told to media that she is not an under dog but she was born with silver spoon. She forgot to mention which hand did she had the spoon!!!!... Never the less she also told that she shouldn't be compared with deepikas and such type of actresses. Our sonam baby believes deepika does typical formula based movies and she (sonam) wants to do only artistic movies which are commercially viable too.

Nice thought sonam. But at least do art which we can understand ,last time only 5 people appreciated your movie . First three being you , ranbir and bansali where as rest two were anil and rishi kapoor..

Never the less babas and babies would keep rocking ..


Fighter Jet January 24, 2009 at 5:16 AM  

What a wonderful post.Great!!

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